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About NATO Watch
NATO Watch is an independent, not-for-profit ‘virtual’ think-tank which examines the role of NATO in public life and advocates for more openness, transparency and accountability within the Alliance. [See also our detailed Frequently Asked Questions and our Vision and Mission].
NATO Watch was founded by Dr Ian Davis in 2009 and was launched at an inaugural Shadow NATO Summit in Brussels in the Spring that year. This website, started in February 2010, is the hub of what we do. NATO Watch aims to engage in original and cooperative research and analysis on key policy questions; provide a syndicated international news briefing service; distribute a monthly Observatorye-journal of media clips on NATO policy-making and operational activities; contribute distinctive opinion to print, broadcast and web media; sponsor conferences and events, including an annual Shadow NATO Summit; build a team inputting into the blogosphere; and provide consultancy and workshops combining practical and theoretical knowledge.
NATO Watch is a company limited by guarantee and works on a not-for-profits basis. It is structured on a co-operative basis through a range of voluntary associates and partners.
The work of NATO Watch receives no large-scale or government funding. If you use NATO Watch's services, please consider donating to help sustain our work.
NATO Watch News Briefs cover a range of NATO-related news items from around the world (below). This syndicated news feed is free. Feeds allow you to stay up to date with the latest news and features by adding the feed address to a news reader programme, or to your own website. There are various ways to subscribe, including:
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