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What we do

USAISRAEL IGO is a not-for-profit membership based organization that works with foreign policy and political decision makers, schools of all levels, and other organizations in the World to build knowledge, understanding, informed opinion, and new ideas on the United Nations, its specialized agencies, and its relationship with the United States.

FSCIJ works with the decision makers at the United Nations and of the US as an incubator for new ideas on such issues as conflict resolution, nuclear non-proliferation, global health, and sustainable development to build public support for constructive US leadership in a more effective United Nations.

What We Do
The mission of FSCIJ is to raise public awareness and support for the UN and to advocate for its increased competence. Our members organize participatory visits to Capitol Hill to meet with members of Congress to promote US support for the UN and to encourage enhanced interaction with our government.
We offer various workshops, conferences, and seminars on the UN and related foreign policy issues. Our outreach efforts with non-governmental organizations, universities, and other public forums are aimed to broaden the UN's support base in the nation's capital and build a practical understanding of global affairs and the UN's objectives.
Our Global Classrooms DC program promotes international affairs education with high school and middle school aged students and teachers through in-class lessons, volunteer programs, and conferences. There is a culminating Model United Nations at the US Department of State.
Networking FSCIJ Young Professionals (FSCIJ) provide opportunities to develop contacts while building better understanding and broader constituency for the UN. YP offers international career panels, student policy forums, and discussion panels implemented to reflect the diverse interests of the area's students and young professionals.


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